Diamond Tiling is a professional tile company that puts a lot of effort and attention to every detail of our custom-made tile designs. We make the highest quality work, we do all styles of tiling including classic, modern, antique and traditional, using up-to-date technology. We add decorative touches and architectural details to our designs to make them look unique and unforgettable.

Our craft of tiling has been brought from Western Ukraine and mixed with old and modern European designs. It helped us achieve perfect results working with mosaics, natural stone or marble. We continue to use all 4 styles to create custom artwork that would bring a comfort into your home, combining fine traditional handmade artwork with modern pieces of glass and steel. Now customers have a choice of customized tile designs excelled to perfection.

We would like to thank you for considering having a business with us. We hope that every time you think of redesigning your home with stunning tile designs, you would think of us.

Please visit our gallery. Certified tiling!